When you need more options to build your dream bedroom

A bedroom should please you after your long and busy day. It should be a balm for your soul and create a sanctuary for you amidst hustle and bustle. Who wouldn’t love to lay down on a cosy bed with a good read?

When you see the images that follow, you will realise just how successful bedroom designs can be.



Is this your idea of a bedroom? –Style savvy with a vintage look and elegant?

Start off with a light coloured wall, and choose a dark coloured eccentric bed. Choosing a tone wood floor and minimal designed accessories screams the look and mood you were dreaming of.


Dark and plush

Some people prefer dark bedrooms – it adds a plush look while helping you shutdown at the end of the day. This seductive space assures to calm your senses. The chandelier, the bedside table and the crystal table lamp will keep it from being pitch black while adding a layer of glamour. It is a perfect combination isn’t it?



There is nothing like a classic wooden finish bed, a classic lamp, and a tone wood floor. It’s filled with a mixture of mid-century design but with a modern finish. An embodiment of timelessness, don’t you agree?

Bedrooms attribute to our daily lives. It is impossible to build a perfect home without having your dream bedroom to dream in. And yet, it is no museum – hence choosing the right furniture that suits your taste and comfort is of utmost importance. Get in touch with us and let us help you discover your taste.


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