About Us

Crezza Design Pvt Ltd is one of the leading importer and wholesale dealer of Italian furniture and interior decor articles from the most prestigious Italian manufacturers.

The “Made in Italy” label is a guarantee of the elegance, high quality, appropriate choice of materials and design quality associated with an old and successful tradition, positioning Italy as a leader in the furniture sector. Our vast range of products includes furniture and accessories such as lighting, wallpaper, home decor, mattresses and curtains and much more.

Our long term relationship with the main Italian manufacturers has enabled us offer very competitive prices and an accurate service of care for all our Customers. Taking this one notch higher, we are proud to say that we deliver Italian furniture across India straight from the manufacturers in Italy.

The idea to always bring the best furniture to homes and offices has brought us a long way. While we can vouch for the quality of Italian furniture, our team is ever ready to make the space around you beautiful and comfortable.

Why Italian Furniture?

Italy is a country where you are inspired. Over the centuries the culture and the Italian genius left their stamp all over the world. Everything in Italy is the result of the deep cultural roots which connects the Italian products to their original country.

Nothing is left to chance the clear design, their essentially, the care of the details and functionality of the product is the result of the Italian school. For this reason Italy is the absolute leader in the world as furniture exporters: 45% of the Italian production is exported worldwide covering 17% of the furniture world trade. This is the result of an international success of products made in Italy.