Always within reach for Made in Italy enthusiasts, Chateau d'Ax is the brand for modern living, with variations to meet the latest trends in personal taste, from designer to romantic to new luxury, and after decades of experience and research offers an exceedingly large range of products, all of the highest quality.


"Taking care of everybody’s needs since 1980, Lineabeta want to furnish their bathroom with a designer touch. Accessible, democratic, young, easy, lively, ironic design. Everyday Design."


FIMES, an italian brand specializes in night area furniture, always offering a wild range of products.


Adraini E Rossi is the only compnay in the world that produces a 'Total Look'. Publishers of ideas, Adriani E Rossi's guideline has always been "Ideas fresh and long-life products.


Gibus is a company made up of people who design and create products safe, guaranteed, beautiful, functional, avant-garde, and lively.


Born in the mid sixties, Veneran continued its evolution attaining an even more wider part of the home. The production moves freely among the wardrobes and sitting room wall compositions, the sofas and the wooden and fabric beds.


Groped to reach the heart, Cattelan Italia furnishes with simplicity and elegance by combining the best materials with the style that represents us.


B&B Italia is a leading Italian company in the international scene of design furnishings for both home (B&B Italia home division) and contract purposes. Exceptional quality and timeless elegance are the result of the unique union of creativity, innovation and industrial know-how. 


Glas Italia, established in Brianza in the early 1970s, produces modern pieces of furniture, doors-partitions and accessories in crystal glass.


Magniflex has become a byword for comfort and wellbeing. Since the 1960s, Magniflex has provided over a billion people with a peaceful sleep thanks to models and solutions designed to meet the needs of comfort, relaxation and health.


Nomon creates spaces where the experience of coming home and taking off the accessories and clothing of everyday use becomes a pleasant well-being experience.


The Rug Republic (TRR) is a global brand of hand made rugs. The TRR collection is a comprehensive catalog ranging from hand-tufted & handwoven rugs, recycled items, leather rugs, bath rugs & Chenilles, and home décor accessories like poufs & cushions.


Reflex was born twenty years ago whose furnishings express the perfect synthesis of technology, design, research and tradition. The company has given a new expression and meaning to the crystal industrial technology.


Laurameroni Design Collection represents an innovative reality, that has solutions for customers who look for furnishings with strong personality.


FLEXFORM offers a large collection of Italian home furnishings focusing on the production of sofas, the company’s core business. There is one constant: elegance. The boundaries that establish the values of a brand and define the spirit of its collections are subtle.


Italamp leader in the lighting industry made in Italy. It has redefined the style, aesthetics of the products, and is continually reinventing the meaning of bright objects.


Erba was founded in 2007 in the heart of the Brianza Region, a well-known area all over the world for exclusive sofas, armchairs and related products.


Creatng a modern style combined with heritage in a rich and lively way; this is Arketipo Firenze style.


Since 1968, SELVA has been producing handmade designer furniture. From the classic wardrobe to the modern dining table made from walnut, the SELVA product line allows an incredible amount of room for a very personalized mixture of styles. 


Tonon is one of the best known international brands in the world of chairs and tables, reliable and synonymous for design and quality “made in Italy”. 


The Porada collection is wide and varied, made of numerous furnishing developed in collaboration with leading designers.


Sangiacomo produces programs of modular furniture. The modern design and best quality is a result of the research done and the standards adhered to.