Storage – its importance and beauty

There are a lot of Italian homes that have some small pieces to beautify the space. It might be a beautiful vase, a plant, or a rack with vessels at display. There is always a calculation, balance, and aesthetics to these Italian homes. Sometimes having a lot of things on the kitchen counter, your favourite books stacked up on a study table, or an open wardrobe in a bedroom might make your home look over crowded. Here are some beautiful and functional furniture to organise, declutter, and put out artistic things on display.


An elegant and light wall system to arrange your books and artefacts. With everything neatly stacked away, the grid of horizontal and vertical lines makes it an appealing addition to your room.


If you like minimal, this floor standing storage unit is the right choice. It does not cover your wall and the clean lines keep your room sober. Add a few artefacts to spice it a little!


A fusion of good looks and functionality! This storage bed has now become a popular solution to store bedding and other essentials. It declutters your roomand keeps your things dust-free.


This white wardrobe will bring a modern touch and a fresh look to your room. It is a smart set up to help you arrange your clothes and accessories while giving you the option to display your essentials.


Replace the large storage unit that you use in your dining room with this elegant unit. While having dedicated space for all the tableware, it gives your home a bohemian touch.

Irrespective of your homes size, you can make the most use of the available space by using smart storage solutions,which simultaneously enhances your room’s aesthetics. At Crezza, we house a beautiful range of Italian furniture which does just the thing. Know your options!

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