How do you like your bedroom?

Bedroom is not one of the places you tend to spend a lot of time in. But it is your room you end and start your day in. You need a cosy place that correlates with your wellbeing and mood!

To ignite a spark– here are some ideas for your bedroom designs.



A beautiful bedroom design should have clean lines. You should be able to embrace the warm materials, combine textures, and add soothing colours to gift yourself a cosy cocoon of relaxation. A good flow of air, the apt lighting, the pillows, and the throws will add character to your room while giving it several focal points to play with.



Here you can see different patterns that define your room – the wall paper/art that draws your attention, the hanging lights that does not replicate a traditional chandelier, monotone open shelves, a cosy bed, and a smoothly blending rug. The purple and the grey hues across the room are an intriguing pairing. An excellent illustration of how urban styling can be put in to use.



I am sure that you will absolutely love this bedroom. It has pops of colour here and there but is easily acceptable. It has a very fresh visual impact while it creates a sleep-inducing atmosphere. The grey patterned wall, paired with a light shaded bed and colourful throws and accessories. If you have the right amount of light in your room, this setup will give oodles of characters to your home.



There is an absolute beauty in keeping your bedroom minimal. A bed and the essentials. This space has the zen effect that acts as a canvas for you to drift off into your sleep and wake up fresh and light.

Does any of these reflect your taste? If glam, contemporary, colour, or minimalist is not for you, read this: When you need more options to build your dream bedroom


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