Create your kitchen, the Italian way

Like the Italian cuisine’s, Italian kitchens are exquisite. Italians understand their space and blend in their taste to create a kitchen they love spending time in. They determine how much room they must work with and plan to make the most of it, keeping it elegant or royal. Here are some key features that will help you have your Italian-style kitchen.

One of the most important thing to consider while creating an Italian-style kitchen is the colours that go in to it. Italian homes generally have lively vibrant colours. A storage unit that has a brilliant shade of blue or a rustic brown is what Italian’s adore. Alongside they also prefer neutral shades when it comes to a larger area like the backsplashes or the floor. If you look closely you will come across quiet a lot of old Italian homes with neutral coloured mosaic tiles and terracotta on their backsplashes and floors. Yes, they are fond of it!

Another thing the Italians are careful about is displaying their cooking supplies. Sometimes they hang it off a vintage rack, sometimes they leave it on the counter top, but they make sure that it is well displayed. Alongside the cooking supplies, there will mostly be a piece of art or flowers and plants in Italian kitchens. They strategically place them on their countertop, in front of the window, or on the dining table.

Italian furniture tends to have details and features that will blend in with your modern and royal kitchens. You may illuminate the kitchen with natural lights and elegant ceiling lamps, there are no set rules in designing your kitchen. After considering your space, imagine your Italian kitchen, and ensure that the space is functional and fashionable. That’s all!

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