Beautiful accessories that you must not miss!

Having European master pieces at home converts your space in to a stylish set up.  There are accessories that are necessary for your bathrooms which promise to attract as much attention like any other room at your home. Let’s explore a few pieces of accessories that will make your life easier and add spice to your bathrooms.


Storage space is one of the most important components of a bathroom accessories. There might be things you like people to see, and the others you would like hidden away. This perfectly curved storage unit with mirror shutters will just do the trick.


How about this floor stand? The round tray provides the storage space, and the towel holder bar made in dust painted metal holds your towel, anything else you like.

Made of solid bamboo wood, this wash table unit adds the perfect touch of wood to your bathrooms. They’re water-base varnished to ensure quality and eco-friendly.

Here’s a classic toilet paper holder with a container that can store up to four rolls. Now, that’s practical, isn’t it? The new roll for replacement is right there.

Or if you like to have the option of having magazines at an arms distance, then we have an option for that as well. Want them?

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