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When you need more options to build your dream bedroom

A bedroom should please you after your long and busy day. It should be a balm for your soul and create a sanctuary for you amidst hustle and bustle. Who wouldn’t love to lay down on a cosy bed with a good read? When you see the images that follow, you will realise just how […]

How do you like your bedroom?

Bedroom is not one of the places you tend to spend a lot of time in. But it is your room you end and start your day in. You need a cosy place that correlates with your wellbeing and mood! To ignite a spark– here are some ideas for your bedroom designs.   Glam A […]

Storage – its importance and beauty

There are a lot of Italian homes that have some small pieces to beautify the space. It might be a beautiful vase, a plant, or a rack with vessels at display. There is always a calculation, balance, and aesthetics to these Italian homes. Sometimes having a lot of things on the kitchen counter, your favourite […]

Beautiful accessories that you must not miss!

Having European master pieces at home converts your space in to a stylish set up.  There are accessories that are necessary for your bathrooms which promise to attract as much attention like any other room at your home. Let’s explore a few pieces of accessories that will make your life easier and add spice to […]

Italian Interiors, an Experiment

Italian interior designs are popular across the world. The reason being Italian interior designer’s fearlessness to experiment. In fact, they love it! Italian designs are constantly changing and are fresh creative ideas. They reflect Italian traditions and lifestyle, and are well known for their bold statements. What makes an Italian home look wonderful? It is […]

Why Italian Furniture?

Classic, elegance, modern! Italian furniture resonates a perfect balance between the three. They stand out and blend in with their style and detailing. The fine details build into a piece of furniture that promises to add beauty to your room. While Italy is a country with rich history that revolves around art and culture, Italian […]

Create your kitchen, the Italian way

Like the Italian cuisine’s, Italian kitchens are exquisite. Italians understand their space and blend in their taste to create a kitchen they love spending time in. They determine how much room they must work with and plan to make the most of it, keeping it elegant or royal. Here are some key features that will […]